Wednesday, June 30, 2010

AUGI Salary Survey is back!

Dear AUGI Member,

How does your salary stack up against others with your title, in your industry, and in your geographic region? AUGI promises to help you find that out. But first you have to complete the 2010 AUGI Salary Survey!

Key results will be published in AUGIWorld magazine this fall, and we'll present our usual in-depth analyses for additional industries on

The AUGI Salary Survey is always a work in progress. The comments and feedback we've collected from AUGI members are reviewed and used to enhance this year's survey to include more job titles, additional questions, and other improvements. You'll get results that you can show to the boss, and maybe even take to the bank. Click here to take the Salary Survey.

As always, your participation in AUGI's Salary Survey is anonymous. We do not track, capture, or in any way link individual AUGI members with the survey data they provide.

Remember that your participation is vital. The more survey respondents there are, the more accurate our picture of salaries earned and benefits enjoyed by all AUGI members worldwide. Please don’t delay! The deadline for participating in the survey is July 10, 2010.

Melanie Perry
AUGI Salary Survey Manager

Thursday, May 13, 2010

AUGI CAD Camp coming to Orlando

I'm getting excited about attending the CAD camp coming to Orlando on June 3. It's a great learning and networking event and I enjoy it every time that I've gone to one. For those who aren't familiar with CAD Camps it's a"single-day, off-site training class for Autodesk products, you’ll hone your skills, expand your mind, and share solutions. Head to camp, and equip yourself with the powerful tools that will take you straight to the top. Because intelligence, resourcefulness, and knowledge are the keys to navigating the ever-changing workplace – and to elevating your future."

Several of my favorite speakers will be there and I hope to get a chance to meet with them.